Pingram start as a weekend project from @ironico for sharing his instagram photos with a design similar to Pinterest. You can view my @ironico photos here :

"Instagram and Pinterest are the two social media sharing services of the hour, so a site that mashes them together makes a lot of sense. And it makes even more sense that such a site should be named Pingram. And that it would be free to use, just like the two services that have inspired it. That's the essence of This new service lets you share your Instagram photos with a design that's similar to Pinterest's. gives you a vanity URL where you can post as many photos as you feel like posting per day. If you're traveling through Europe for the first time, you can keep all your friends updated on these places you're visiting. If you're a professional photographer, you can use the site to showcase your work. Just as you would do when using Instagram, really. But only that the interface is going to be as crisp as the one favored by Pinterest. "
from KillerStartups
ChangeLog :
17/8/2012 - better button design, some graphic
15/7/2012 - pingram code refactoring
26/4/2012 - pingrammer page redesign.
18/4/2012 - New design & Logo. Map section
31/3/2012 - Geolocalization maps on photos, widget button
24/3/2012 - Emoticons on messages
17/3/2012 - Comment, Like & Follow for Instagram users.
                    All users can comment photo now with DisQus (Google,Twitter,Facebook,Yahoo,OpenID account) !
10/3/2012 - better detail page, #pingramMe section
03/3/2012 - tag & search for all user too.
08/3/2012 - New logo, better design, tag search. uses the Instagram(tm) API and is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.
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